Breaking stereotypes

We live in times where conformity is the norm. Everyone just wants to ‘fit in’ and play the role that society has given them. And if you try to be yourself then you are instant labelled ‘attention seeker’. Right from childhood we are taught that being different means abnormal. Well, it is not ABNORMAL…it’s just finding your hidden self ! Each one of us is just a face in the crowd but each face has a story that is unique to it. Behind the mask that we wear is the urge to break free, the desire to do what your heart yearns for and what others think is crazy. All said and done when you get ready to take the risk and just do what seems crazy, you find happiness.

Nothing is right or wrong, everything is subjective and hence varies from person to person. Want to make money? Doesn’t mean you are greedy. Feel the need to save what you earn? You aren’t stingy if you do that. Think your career is stagnating and you have better prospects quitting the job? Of course, you aren’t being brave or silly. Don’t want a size zero figure or want to lose weight? Either ways it is your individual choice. Beauty magazines, relatives, friends, Bollywood etc can’t and shouldn’t decide for you. A girl who loves bikes and wears Jeans-Tees isn’t necessarily a tomboy. A guy liking saas-bahu sagas is not a weakling. Humans are complex beings with a range of emotions and displaying emotions is not always a sign of weakness. Being yourself is more important than feeling compelled to behave in the way society wants and compels you to.

Here are a few things my experiences and interactions have taught me

  1. No matter what you do people will always have a contrary view
  2. If you always try to fit in, then sooner than later you will lose your true self
  3. It isn’t what others think but what you think that matters
  4. People love judging, whether or not they know you doesn’t really matter
  5. Gossip mills always work overtime but that is none of our business. Our job is to concentrate on ourselves

By getting bogged down and boxed in and by following what society expects us to, we are simply killing freethinking and creativity. Great civilizations were build not by conformity but by freethinkers and courageous rulers who dared to dream.

In my opinion just go ahead and do what your heart asks you to….as long as it isn’t illegal and won’t land you behind bars !!!

PS: If you think I’ve left out anything or even if you disagree with what I’ve said feel free to comment.

PPS: Please keep interactions civil.


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